every fresh buildings as well as those built since a mandatory green building code was introduced in Dubai in 2014 will require to accomplish at least a ‘bronze’ classification below the fresh ‘Al Safat’ rating system, according to Gulf News. The requirement applies regardless of whether the buildings are for residential, commercial, industrial or other employ, it said.

Gulf News reported that buildings that own already certified as green own to apply again for a fresh rating certificate. Older buildings can be brought up to standard by retrofitting them with environment-friendly and sustainable materials and equipment for lighting and air-conditioning, the report said.

The Dubai Municipality’s fresh classification system will enable companies to apply for green certifications higher than the minimum ‘bronze’ level required. It is unlock to companies to push for silver, gold or platinum classification for their buildings.

Deputy director-general of Dubai Municipality, Essa Al Haj Al Maidour said the fresh rating system rewards reduced power and water consumption, employ of environment-friendly materials and renewables, as well as the employ of alternative power sources, among other things, according to the news report.

Khalid Mohammad Saleh Al Mullah, director of the Buildings Department, said more than 90% of buildings constructed subsequent 2001 in Dubai already meet the criteria for bronze certification below the fresh rating system, according to Gulf News.