The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has begun a test of the service as piece of a broader plan for driverless public transport, it said.

Dubai aims to construct 25% of entire “mobility journeys” driverless by 2030, the RTA said.

A survey will be run to gauge the views of residents and visitors on the driverless shuttle, it said.

The 10-seater vehicle has been produced by Easy Mile / Omnix Company and is designed to travel short distances over pre-programmed routes in “multi-employ environments”, the RTA said.

The shuttle links downtown Dubai landmarks, tourist and entertainment sites, the RTA said.

A self-driving taxi service launched in Singapore persist week. Residents can hail the taxis using a smartphone app, and rides will be free atthesametime the test.

Volvo has said that it will test semi-autonomous cars in the UK from next year, while Ford said persist month that it intends to construct a fully autonomous vehicle for the mass market in 2021.

Ford’s announcement coincided with unit from Audi, which said fresh ‘vehicle-to-infrastructure’ technology has already been deployed in some of its vehicles and allows messages to be relayed to drivers that traffic lights are due to revolve green or that they will not construct it through traffic lights infrontof they revolve red, according to a BBC report.