Earlier this month, Khan intervened and a higher level of affordable homes was agreed. The initial proposal was for 605 fresh homes, 33% of which were allocated as affordable units.

Following Khan’s intervention, 40% of the homes will now be allocated as affordable homes. This means 242 of the 605 homes will be affordable; half will be for social and affordable rent and half will be shared ownership.

A review mechanism has also been agreed which will see any surplus profit being used to deliver additional affordable housing, which could bring the affordable homes level up to 50%.

The proposal also includes a nursery, health centre, commercial space and a fresh link road to connect the redevelopment to the Grand Union canal.

Khan said that he was “pleased that [they] possess been capable to increase the proportion of genuinely affordable homes as portion of [their] ongoing efforts to repair the capital’s housing crisis.” 

Planning expert Marcus Bate of Pinsent Masons, the law firm behind Out-Law.com, said: “This is the sort of early intervention from the mayor which the market has been expecting ever since his election. Khan’s message is clear. The maximising of affordable housing delivery will be taken very seriously while Khan’s term of office, even on schemes which deliver 30% or more affordable housing.”