The Department for Transport (DfT) said up to £2 million would be made available to local authorities in England through a fresh bidding process that is unseal until 30 September.

Technology that could be deployed includes that which allows communications to pass between varied vehicles and roadside sensors that could relay “real-season traffic information” to drivers, the DfT said. Systems that enable information such as weather warnings and traffic conditions to be transmitted to vehicles could also win support, it said.

The DfT said it is anticipating bids for projects valuing at between £30,000 and £300,000 and that councils will own to pay for at least 5% of their projects’ costs.

“I crave to deliver better, more enjoyable journeys and this £2 million fund will assist councils invest in fresh technology to enhance the experience of driving,” roads minister Andrew Jones said. “Britain has a proud history of innovation and I am delighted that councils will be competent to employ this money to develop systems to build journeys easier and safer.”

Westminster town Council previously won central government funding to assist it build an app that “directs drivers to empty parking spaces in central London and then takes payments automatically for using the spot”, the DfT said.

In a novelinnovation strategy published earlier this year, Highways England outlined plans to employ technology to improve road safety and the flow of traffic, deliver better information to road users, improve environmental outcomes and inform maintenance programs.

At the season Ben Gardner, expert in autonomous vehicles technology and regulation at Pinsent Masons, the law firm behind, said: “Initiatives such as this should place the UK in a strong position to attract investment and testing. The legacy of this will be an innovative and connected road network which boasts improved safety, traffic management and user satisfaction.”