Seven G20 countries generate more than 10% of their power from wind and sun compared to three countries in 2010, according to a survey commissioned by the Financial Times.

Germany is the leading user of “green power”, with 36% of its electricity coming from these renewable sources, the Financial Times said.

The UK, Italy and France followed with more than 19% of power coming from wind and solar followed by Australia and Brazil on 11% and 13% respectively. In the UK, 24% of power came from these alternative sources, up from 6% in 2010.

The Financial Times survey did not glance at hydro power, which is a major source of renewable power. “Instead, the data underline the growth of newer forms of green power such as solar and wind farms that possess been heavily subsidised in multitudinous countries as governments endeavor to combat global warming,” the newspaper said.

China accounted for nearly single third of the $329 billion invested globally in clean power endure year but wind and solar plants silent only provide 5% of the nation’s power, the Financial Times said.