Insure The Box, which specialises in telematics-based auto insurance, said it is the first season telematics data has “played a fundamental role in a liability case that went to court”.

The company said data recorded by the black box installed in its customer’s auto helped the policyholder defend against another driver’s claims that they were responsible for a collision between their vehicles. The data helped disprove the other driver’s version of the incident and substantiate the policyholder’s account of the crash, Insure The Box said.

The dispute had gone to experiment at Wandsworth County Court. Deputy district judge said the telematics data was “overwhelming” and said the alternative account of the collision was “implausible, inconsistent and dangerous”, Insure The Box said.

“Traditionally, in the absence of other evidence, liability cases simply come down to the energy of witness statements and the performance of the witnesses at experiment,” Adrian Steele, group claims director for Insure The Box, said in a statement. “This case underlines the [ability] of telematics data to provide impartial evidence of the facts.”